Abbeyfield Reading

“The grant we received has completed our funding needs to upgrade our hairdressing salon for our elderly residents. After 16 years of constant use the sink needs to be replaced to ensure greater comfort for both our hairdresser and residents. It is becoming increasingly difficult for some of our residents to visit the salon due to mobility issues; the sink is in a fixed position and so cannot be moved to accommodate different needs. For our residents the benefits of a visit to the newly refurbished salon will be huge in terms of increasing well-being and self-worth, because it’s the sort of they did when they were younger. Having their hair cut or just restyled regularly is a really enjoyable experience and makes a huge difference to the day to day lives of our residents and is something they look forward to. We are always looking for ways to enhance our residents’ quality of living and the salon upgrade will make a huge impact and really give residents a new lease of life.  We are extremely grateful.