BHS – Changing lives through horses programme


Elise Pilkington Charitable Trusts supports Changing Lives through Horses programme

The Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust has generously supported The British Horse Society’s (BHS) brand new programme; Changing Lives through Horses.

In January the Society launched Changing Lives through Horses, a new programme that uses the power of horses, to help reconnect disengaged young people with society through supporting them to return to education and/or employment.

The funding provided by Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust has been well received as the programme solely relies on public donations and grant funding. The grant will support 12 horses and many more young people.

The programme targets young people before they are at risk of becoming NEET – not in education, employment or training. Current figures show there are around 134,000* young people aged 16 to 18 that fall into this category.

Research shows that early intervention can prevent a young person from becoming NEET – and that is where Changing Lives through Horses comes in. Young people are referred to the programme through many different avenues but namely their local authority, school or carer. It is currently running at 12 centres across the country, giving young people the opportunity to develop practical life skills which they will need in later life.

Since the BHS launched Changing Lives through Horses, they have been inundated with referrals for young people, centres wanting to run the programme and coaches wanting to help. The BHS hopes that the programme will grow and it will be able to help more young people change their lives.

For more information about Changing Lives through Horses, or to donate visit: