British Horse Society – Tackling the UK horse crisis

The British Horse Society is delighted to announce the success of its application to the Elise Pilkington Trust. The funding received is for a project which will tackle the current horse crisis at its heart.

For some time The British Horse Society has been working closely with other major equestrian charities to make inroads into the problem of the high population of unwanted horses which scatter the UK. Over breeding was one of the main issues cited in the widely acclaimed ‘On The Verge’ report of 2012. This document highlighted the fact that more than 6,000 horses were known to be vulnerable and at risk of requiring immediate charity intervention. 

This number continues to rise, and with Britain’s rescue centres already at capacity, action is needed now. Following our own research, and our work in partnership with other equine charities, we believe the best way to reduce the population is through the delivery of castration clinics.

Therefore, thanks to the generosity of the Elise Pilkington Trust, The British Horse Society will be running four clinics, castrating 20 horses at each one. These 80 horses will prevent the births of an estimated 6,800 foals over the next two generations, leaving a distinct legacy on the horse population of the UK.

BHS clinics