Horses4Homes is the only equine charity in the UK focused entirely on helping members of the public to safely rehome their horses.  The charity provides a robust online listing process where owners can list their horses for free.  All horses must be described in detail with owners answering specific questions as to the temperament, health status and ridden history of the horse.  Interested parties apply for the horses they deem to be potentially suitable (with support if required from the Horses4Homes team), answering a state of the art online questionnaire with over 30 questions relating to their experience, the home they could provide for the horse, the activities they wish to pursue, detail of horses they currently or previously have owned as well as referees for owners to contact and verify their integrity and standard of horse welfare.
The award provided by the Elise Pilkington Trust will enable Horses4Homes to raise its profile in the equestrian sector to encourage more owners to use the charity to safely and responsibly find new homes for horses they can no longer keep due to an unforeseen change in personal circumstance.  Thus securing the future welfare of many horses which may otherwise be at risk or vulnerable. The funding will also help to increase the number of people who can be supported by equine professionals to find the most appropriate horse for them resulting in a long term and enjoyable partnership.
If anyone is interested in finding out more about the work of Horses4Homes please visit the website or email us on or call us on 01844 275641
Using Horses4Homes was one of the best decisions I made to help me and most of all help me find the right home for my horse.  It was a traumatic experience selling through the ‘normal’ route and the charity provided a robust, safe and very supportive service, especially Rebecca who put up with my demands! My horse is in a home that was hand picked by me through the vetting procedure and I am in touch with his ‘new mum’. Not only have I got peace of mind he is being well cared for I have also met a lovely friend who shares the same passion for the same horse, I am truly at peace and happy.” Owner, Ruth Grant