Lluest Horse & Pony Trust – Utility vehicle

The Lluest Horse and Pony Trust, a small rescue charity based in Carmarthenshire was recently delighted to be awarded a £17k grant from the Elise Pilkington Trust enabling them to purchase a Kubota Utility Vehicle with trailer and chain harrow. Commenting on its first few days of use Lluest’s Farm Manager, Charlie Morgan said “this waterproof and robust vehicle has been invaluable to us and we are immensely grateful to the Elise Pilkington Trust. We’ve already used it to quickly transport a lorry delivery of 15 kilo tubs of ‘Horse Lix’ from the end of our long drive to our stable block, sparing us our usual backbreaking task using wheelbarrows. Also with the recent rain, our fields have been seriously waterlogged but the Kubota has enabled us to gain quick access via the roads in the safety of the vehicle during our late afternoon checks”. Lluest plan to use the chain harrow within their land management programme where they will be implementing a field rotation strategy with the aim of producing their first hay in summer 2016. Charlie Morgan commenting on Lluest future plans stated, “grants like this allow us to develop our tiny charity into an efficient and sustainable operation enabling us to carry on helping equines in need and to support our local rural economy”.

Lluest 1215

Lluest Horse and Pony Trust was founded in 1985 and since then they have rescued, rehabilitated or re-homed 343 animals. Lluest is able to accommodate 25 equines on site with 122 currently out in long term loan homes and 6 more helped through their outreach support programme in 2015. Full details about their work can be found on their website: www.lluesthorseandponytrust.co.uk or Facebook pages: www.facebook.com/lluest