Macular Society

The Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust’s fantastic grant of £3,000 will help us to buy equipment so that we can pilot a new Daily Living Champion volunteer role. Macular disease mainly affects people over the age of 65. People with the condition lose their central and detailed vision which makes it much harder for them to do things on their own. However, there are many low and high tech daily living aids that can help them make the most of their remaining vision, including magnifiers, lamps and tablet computers. When they are diagnosed, many people are not given information about equipment that can help them, and for those that are, their needs change as their eyesight worsens but few receive further appointments. 30 new Daily Living Champions will be trained in 2013 in how to demonstrate how the equipment bought with this grant can benefit people with macular disease. We hope in the first year that 300 people with the condition will benefit from demonstrations by the volunteers, helping them to keep doing all the things that they enjoy in spite of their sight loss. Thank you to the Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust for helping to make this work possible.