NEWC Equine Welfare workshop pilot

The National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC) will receive funding from the Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust towards a vital project in support of equine charities across the UK.

NEWC was established to provide a focus for organisations primarily involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of horses that had suffered cruelty or neglect; but nowadays the membership also includes establishments that wish to promote the importance of welfare within the broader equine industry, notably education institutions that keep horses as part of their work.

The one common thread that runs through NEWC member organisations and those aspiring to join NEWC is the passion and commitment to the betterment of horse welfare. However often there is insufficient appreciation for the wider responsibilities that accompany running a successful welfare organisation; be it legally binding responsibilities or the knowledge and experience to fundraise effectively.

The Trust has pledged £2500 to help with a pilot workshop which will provide budding NEWC members with valuable insight into how they can reach the standards required and to give guidance on some of these lesser understood elements of running a successful organisation. Talks on Governance, Communications, Fundraising and Campaigning as well as the role and responsibilities of equine charities in promoting and protecting equine welfare and how Trusts and grants can support better welfare provision will all be included, and it is hoped that as a result the membership of NEWC can be bolstered with more organisations fully committed to equine welfare and with the expertise they need to remain sustainable in the long term.

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