Nordoff Robbins – Music Therapy

Nordoff Robbins is delighted to have received a grant of £5000 from the Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust. The grant will be used to fund our music therapy work with the elderly in residential care homes throughout the UK and will ensure that our expansion plans continue to be delivered in order to benefit more people with dementia.

A Nordoff Robbins music therapist working in a care home will see up to 25 people per day in group or individual sessions. The sessions help to reduce anxiety and agitation and create a positive atmosphere supporting the residents’ wellbeing. Many people with dementia struggle to make any kind of connection with the outside world. Music can be a form of communication that doesn’t require words, allowing the residents to express themselves and make a connection. For people living with dementia, music therapy offers ways out of confusion, isolation and disorientation.

A recent example of an elderly resident receiving Nordoff Robbins music therapy is Winifred. Winifred has advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and has attended Nordoff Robbins music therapy group sessions consistently for two and a half years in her care home. At first, Winifred could still use words but they were difficult to understand and she often walked round searching for her mother. Winifred enjoyed the social experience of music therapy and she would recall many familiar songs and melodies from her past. She derived great satisfaction from the sessions and a sense of fun and achievement when playing instruments. She had never played the drums before, but playing and singing helped her to connect and interact with others in a meaningful way again.

Winifred’s music therapist said:
“When she first started music therapy, Winifred was often agitated. Winifred began to relive her love of dancing, both talking about it and eventually dancing again. Playing and singing helped Winifred to connect and interact with others in a meaningful way again. It had a huge impact on her quality of life.”
Nordoff Robbins would like to thank the Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust for its generosity. Your kind donation will enable us to transform more lives through music.