Rare Breeds Survival Trust

Rare Breeds Survival Trust was founded in 1973 as a national charity (Registered Charity No. 269442) to conserve, protect and promote the United Kingdom’s rare and native breeds of farm livestock. “We believe in the value of the UK’s rich and varied livestock heritage and that this needs to be considered as a vital genetic resource for future generations and for the benefit of agriculture.”

“After the Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak in 2001, we realised that more needed to be done to safeguard our rarest breeds. We created and continue to maintain a National Gene Bank. This is a frozen store of semen that has been collected from males of rare British livestock breeds. This material will enable us to help a breed threatened with extinction and even re-establish a population saving up to 90% of the breed’s original genetics. Our rare breeds of horses have never been in a more worrying situation, since the economic crash in 2008, we have seen a sustained decline in registrations for all the equine breeds we monitor. Due to high costs per collection our rare equine breeds are extremely under represented, we need to change this, so we can ensure a safe future for these iconic, rare and important breeds.

“The award from the Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust will enable us to make an essential collection from one of our rare breed stallions. This is an essential part of our work and will help us to achieve our aim of securing a future for our most endangered equine breeds. We would like to thank you for supporting our cause and helping fund our key work.”

Update August 2013

A stallion has now been identified that RBST plan to collect from at the end of August or start of September. It will be a Cleveland Bay Stallion, see the photograph below

For more information on Rare Breeds Survival Trust visit www.rbst.org.uk