Royal Veterinary College – Equine Colic Simulator

Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust grant to the Royal Veterinary College

The Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust has very generously contributed to a new piece of equipment at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) that will significantly aid the teaching of equine anatomy and improve students’ skills before working with live horses.

We were delighted to receive a grant of £5,000 towards a new equine colic simulator so students can practice equine clinical skills on a life-size anatomical model in preparation for working with live horses. It will be located within the RVC Clinical Skills Centre, which is a world-renowned facility where students begin learning the practical skills that they need before being faced with real cases they are likely to come across in practice. Students practice multiple skills including examinations, anaesthesia, radiography, bandaging and animal handling before taking on the additional challenge of the live patient. This specialist equine colic simulator will benefit the welfare of both horses and students.’


Dr Michael Hewetson, RVC Senior Lecturer in Equine Medicine summarised the benefits as follows, “The benefit of the simulator stems from its versatility. It can be used to help students get accustomed to the topographical anatomy of the equine abdomen, prior to practising on live animals. We are able to simulate a ‘real life’ situation, asking students to identify the problem and make recommendations on how to resolve the problem. It will allow students to learn in a safer, less stressful and more welfare-friendly environment whilst enabling us to see exactly how well they are doing and help and advise accordingly.”