Skyrian Horses

“Amanda Simpson and Stathis Katsarelias are dedicated to preserving the Skyrian Horse. Based on the island of Skyros they are undertaking a breeding program to increase the numbers of pure-bred horses on the island. They are also involved in rescuing abused animals and helping locals care for their own horses and raise awareness for the plight of the Skyrian Horse.They also run education projects such as their Natural horsemanship summer seminar in 2010 with Franklin Levinson and\open day in summer 2011 introducing basic natural horsemanship skills to children with the Skyrian horses. Their long term goal is to see the re-establishment of a herd of wild pure-bred Skyrian Horses on the Island of Skyros.

We were also kindly supported by the Elise Pilkington Fund in 2010 to build two field shelters for our stallions and new fencing for our stallion fields.”








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