The Brooke – Alexandria

“Our work in Alexandria is going from strength to strength thanks to the support of the Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust. Working animals in Alexandria often experience unnecessary pain at the hands of their owners due to a lack of understanding of appropriate animal care and cruel methods of animal husbandry are a widespread problem.

Working horses, donkeys and mules are integral to the communities of Alexandria, the work tirelessly to provide a livelihood for their owners and their families.

Many owners do not recognise the terribly painful conditions endured by their animals and continue to work them hard, causing dreadful and permanent deformities and suffering. Animal owners in Alexandria are using traditional myths and harmful practices to treat their animals. These myths have been passed down by generations of animal owners in the belief that these methods will make their animals work harder.

The mission of the Brooke is to relieve the suffering of working equine animals; we do this by providing direct veterinary care and training. Our approach is very simple.

1) Firstly we help the animals that are suffering by providing free veterinary treatment through our mobile vet teams

2) Our mobile vet teams provide animal welfare training to the communities of Alexandria to encourage advances in animal welfare and improved community led husbandry.

Here we have a Brooke vet checking the legs and feet of a lame horse in Alexandria, Egypt; swollen fetlock joint diagnosed. (2011)

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