Equine Strangles Research

Strangles is one of the most common respiratory diseases in horses throughout the world and, worryingly, it appears to be on the increase in the UK. Clinically affected horses develop painful abscesses around the throat constricting their breathing and swallowing. In the most severe cases, the disease can even cause death.

The Elise Pilkington Trust has generously supported the work of Dr Carl Robinson, the senior post-doctoral research scientist in the Bacteriology Group at the Animal Health Trust (AHT) who has developed a new diagnostic blood test and is developing a safe, effective vaccine. In combination with good hygiene and management, these advances play a major role in achieving the eradication of Strangles.


The Animal Health Trust was proud to receive the Sir Colin Spedding Award, presented by HRH The Princess Royal, at the National Equine Forum (NEF) on 6th March 2014. This special commendation was given in recognition of our outstanding work on disease research, surveillance and management, to help protect and safeguard the future of all horses and ponies.  Without the generosity and ongoing support from grant givers such as the Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust, this would not have been possible. For this we are and remain sincerely grateful.