Heros Charity – Galebreaks and Horsewalker

HEROS Charity, retrains and rehomes former racehorses and is an education provision for special educational needs (SEN) students who aren’t thriving in a mainstream school environment.

The Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust has generously donated to HEROS Charity, which will enable us to install an arena galebreak blind to section off the gallery area so that it will become a selt-contained classroom area when not being used for arena viewing purposes.  They will also make a substantial contribution towards galebreaks for the large Monarch horsewalker, to stop horses getting wet in the winter months.

Our indoor arena is attached to the HEROS education hub, and currently some of the horses being retrained spook as they pass the window, when the interactive whiteboard screen catches their eye. This has resulted in several unseated riders, making it more than possible for a horse and/or rider to get injured. The Galebreak blind makes it safer for horses and riders whilst still enabling the ever-important natural light to shine into the education hub.

The Galebreak blind to seal off the end of the arena, will help immensely in the winter months. Whilst HEROS is so lucky to have the wonderful setting of North Farm Stud, there is no denying how open it is and how cold it can get during the winter months. This blind will also close off an area, which will stop horses from spooking at what may be happening outside the arena, thus making it a much safer and more comfortable place for both to work in.

A horsewalker is an essential piece of equipment for thoroughbreds daily exercise and there are many benefits to using a horse walker. The Galebreak bayscreenswill provide bad weather protection for the horses, stopping wind, rain and snow soaking them on the walker during cold, wet winter spells, therefore, keeping them comfortable and reducing the risk of stress or health issues.

CEO and Founder, Grace Muir commented: ‘We are extremely grateful to the Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust for granting us funds to go towards the necessary Galebreaker blinds, they are going to make a significant difference to the both the comfort and safety of our horses and riders. Grants like this help enormously with the running of HEROS, which enable horses and students to fulfil their potential and creates bright futures for both.