British Horse Society Breeding Helpline

The British Horse Society (BHS) have been campaigning for several years to reduce the levels of indiscriminate breeding that we see in this country. The sheer number of horses and ponies is the root cause of most of the welfare problems that organisations such as the BHS, RSPCA, Redwings and World Horse Welfare have to deal with.

Funding from the Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust enabled the BHS to establish and launch Breeding Line.

This is Great Britain’s only helpline dedicated exclusively to providing advice and information on horse breeding issues. By providing impartial and free advice the team at the BHS are able to discuss whether breeding really is the right option and to help callers make informed decisions on how best to produce a foal that is as likely as possible to be fit for purpose The BHS is extremely grateful for the support of the Elise Pilkington Charitable Trust.

Anybody looking for advice on breeding issues is invited to call BHS Breeding Line on 02476 840570