Tractor for the Lluest Horse & Pony Trust

Lluest Horse and Pony Trust is a small registered charity founded in 1985 at the edge of the Brecon Beacons. We are an equine rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming centre, with an average of 95 horses and ponies in approved loan homes, and up to 40 cared for at the farm. We rescue rehabilitate and rehome horses and ponies who have been the victims of cruelty and neglect. Our mission is that some of these amazing animals will also become an integral part of our planned education, training and assisted therapy programmes for students, volunteers and local community groups of young people and adults. Our charity is based on a diverse 40 acre farm where we are introducing long term sustainable practices that embrace biodiversity and wildlife conservation.

The award from the Pilkington Trust enabled us to purchase a John Deere four wheel drive tractor with bucket and quick loader which is an absolute godsend for Lluest Horse and Pony Trust and words cannot express our sincere gratitude to you for enabling us to buy this wonderful tractor to work on our farm. We can now tackle major jobs on the farm like our muckheap – which is a side effect of rescuing up to 40 horses and ponies on our farm – and moving large hay bales from our hay barn to the stables. Being able to purchase the larger hay bales (which we are only able to do if we have a tractor to move them) means that we are able to make substantial savings on winter feed costs, which are a substantial outlay for a small charity such as ourselves. Being able to manage and move our own muckheap means that we no longer have to hire a tractor several times a year and so save on those unnecessary costs as well. We are also able to carry out frequent land, fencing and drainage maintenance around the farm ourselves with the help of this tractor which means that we can keep our farmland and fencing in better condition and manage it in a more sustainable fashion. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.






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