Our Funding/Areas of Interest

In 1979 Mrs Elise Pilkington set up this Charitable Trust to help fund her two passions; equines and work that elderly charities do.

The objectives of the Trust are:

  • To prevent cruelty to equine animals, to relieve suffering and distress amongst such equine animals, to care for and protect such equine animals including live horses being transported country to country for butchery if such animals are in need of care and protection by reason of sickness, maltreatment, poor circumstances or similar causes
  • To provide social services for help for the relief of the aged and infirm.

The Trust gives approximately 2/3rds to equine charities and 1/3rd to elderly charities.

In the last ten years some £650,000 has been given to elderly charities and £900,000 to equine charities.

Equine grants are made to on the ground welfare charities, equine education projects, and equine science research programmes.


The Trustees

Caroline Doulton – Chair of the Trustees.

Tara Economakis – Trustee with particular interest in overseas equine projects.

Helen Timpany – Trustee with particular interest in equine welfare and research.

Revd. Robert Merchant – Trustee with particular interest in elderly projects.

Ruth Walker – Trustee with particular interest in equine welfare and education